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   We have several products to
   choose from.  Great gift
   ideas and each purchase
   supports the HLT Foundation.
   So you can shop and help a
   good cause.

Welcome to odomexchange.com. Select your city and find all the information that you need. We have free classifieds, local shops online and tons of local contests and giveaways.

Unlike many sites that blanket huge areas, we have a local focus in all the areas that we serve.

We are not your average .com.

In March 2005 we will be sending 2 of our Xchangers on $500 shopping sprees. To be eligible you must be a registered user. Registration is quick and free. Listen to your local radio stations and visit our site for updates and giveaway details.

Also, be on the look out for the masked Xchanger in your city. If he sees you with any item from the odomexchange.com store he may give you up to $200 cash, on the spot. And if he walks into your office and sees any item from the store, he will buy lunch for your office.




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