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What exactly is odomexchange.com?

Very simple, we are a site designed to support local economies and to provide useful resources for the local residents in the areas we service. We are an online community for the local areas we serve. The concept behind our site is to provide a free resource where you can find out where your favorite band is playing this weekend or sell that large china cabinet you’ve been meaning to get rid of. But when you have needs like those, what do you do? Yard sale? Maybe you can’t have a yard sale. That’s where we come in. When you don’t want to necessarily pay to place an ad in the newspaper but you would like to let people know you have an item to sale, then you use our site. Get the picture. We are a great resource for the local communities. Local events can be placed on our site and used as sort of a community calendar. In addition we are going to provide local businesses with a means to advertise their services and goods to their market. Even providing an online shop where their inventory can be viewed.

Also, we only allow local businesses to advertise in their region. So, if you live in Sumter, SC you will only see online ads from local companies that service Sumter, SC. We want to keep the site as useful and local as possible.

Helping the HLT Foundation

The HLT Foundation was started to support local public school students with understanding how technology ties in to the various careers they will pursue in the future. In addition, the foundation was designed to assist students with having access to computers in their homes and receiving post secondary support for those pursuing studies in the area of technology.
We believe that this program is a wonderful one indeed. So we decided to put our money where our mouth is. We have agreed to donate a portion of all revenues generated by odomexchane.com to help out the HLT Foundation. This will in turn help the local education systems in the areas that we serve.

You can help too. If you have older computers or printers that still work but just need a little upgrading, let us know. Someone from the HLT Foundation will contact you and the computer or other equipment will be refurbished and provided to a student in the local area. A wonderful program indeed!

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