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How do I get a banner ad developed?

Banner ads are quite useful for internet advertising. There are many online resources to help you develop a banner ad. Just do a google search (www.google.com) for banner ad design and you will get a lot of resources. If you are advertising with us then we can also develop a banner ad for you. Once developed you will always have it.

Custom banner ads cost $10 (one time fee)
Generic banner ads are free of charge when advertising with odomexchange.com

Business Listing Membership

Our business listing is a great way for you to let others “visit” your place of business right from their computers. Tell them about your goods and services and why they should use you. Our business listing allows you to provide your contact information, a picture and/or logo for your company and a few paragraphs to tell them about yourself. In essence you are receiving your own one page website. You can even refer other people to your website if you so desire.

If you find that you want a larger listing, we have packages designed just for you. Including a 3 or 5 page website that includes a client form and an email address for your organization.

And if you want to go big time. We can even provide web hosting and set your company up with its own domain (www.yourcompany.com). All of this at very affordable rates. We figure – make your business look like a million bucks without spending a million bucks. Don’t you agree?

Business Listing Membership

$15/year - if you have your own website and only want a link
$25/year - if you need a one page listing setup for your business
$50/year - Premium listing with 3 full page sales listings for the year
$90/year - Premier listing with unlimited sales ad listings for the year
$150/year - Platinum listing with unlimited sales ad listing and inclusion in printed guide to Fun, Food and Shopping
Certified Non Profit Organizations may list for Free

Web Development and Hosting Plans

• 3 page website with a form for interested users to contact you
• 1 year listing in our business directory
• 2 weeks of free sales listing(full page)
• 1 content update per month

? 5 page professionally designed website with a contact form for interested users to contact your company
? 1 year listing in our business directory
? 4 weeks of free sales listing (full page)
? 1 content update per month

Hosting Options
Domain Registration (www.yourcompany.com) - $6.00/year
Web Hosting – From $7.00/month

Selling My Products Online

Increase your product visibility and store hours by having your store open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. How? Setup your store in our shop local section. We afford your store the ability to list your business in our local shopping section and to include some of your inventory for listing. Our local shopping area serves as sort of an online mall where users can go to view the product inventory at local stores and maybe even make a buying decision. You are linked in to our shopping system so any inquiries that potential buyers make concerning your products are forwarded to you daily. Increase sales, store hours and visibility with ease. Once we get you setup on our system, listing is only $1.34 per day. Contact one of our agents to get your store up and running today. Email us at shop@odomexchange.com for setup and/or for more information.

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