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What is a Quick Job?

A Quick Job is a job that you need help with only for a period of time. So, for example if you are a contractor and you need labor help over the weekend, this would qualify as a quick job. Or if you need an extra hand for a stage event you are setting up, this would be a quick job.


What if I have a question or need help?
We offer web based support and assistance. So, if you need help, simply submit a support request to support@odomexchnage.com or fill out our help form and a support person will address your need.

What is the Xchange card?
The Xchange card (pronounced exchange card for the phonetically challenged), is your ticket to discounts and savings everywhere that accepts the card. In order to find out where you can use your card, simply visit our website, check the area that you live in or will be visiting and see a list of stores that honor our card and the savings you receive.

If you are a store that would like to participate in accepting The Xchange Card, click here and let us know.

What if someone is abusing the website?
Due to our small staff size it is impossible for us to catch all forms of abuse or even illegitimate postings. If you notice a posting or such abuse please inform us at abuse@odomexchange.com and we will promptly address the issue.

How do I get odomexchange in my city?
In order to get an odomexchange.com site in your city you simply need a registered exchange agent to get the site started and we’ll do the rest. If you are interested in becoming a registered agent and promoting our site within your location send an email to odom@odomexchange.com to get more information about our registered agent program. Also, we may have plans to come to your city soon. We are launching in a new city every 35 days for the entire year of 2005. Contact us for more information on the cities we’ll be launching in.

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